TRΛCER is the alias of Chris Osborn: experimental game designer and techno DJ/producer. Equally suited for the dancefloor, headphones, or interactive experiences, TRΛCER echoes lo-fi cyberpunk fantasies and jacking paranoid surrealism. He is available to be for DJ gigs as well as contracted for programming on creative art, music, and game projects.

Exploring the intersections of psychedelic dubstep, dark techno, and experimental video games, TRΛCER draws inspiration from Richie Hawtin, Trentemøller, Deadbeat, Scuba/SCB, Kryptic Minds, Burial, and Mark Essen. This project is the evolution of Chris' previous work as the programmer for Gaijin Games' critically-acclaimed synesthetic music game series (Wii, PC/Mac, iOS).

Chris has over 10 years experience DJing around the SF Bay Area and Philadelphia plus many years spent coding games for various companies. Currently, he is working on a mixtape series called as well as several unannounced art/game projects.

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